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15 Highlights from the 2017 Nat Geo Nature Photographer of the Year Contest

2017 Nat Geo Nature Photographer of the Year Contest

Nature is God’s creation. Nature photography is capturing nature at its natural best without any super imposition by man.

Capturing nature as it is through a lens and showing it to the rest of the world to speak volumes.

Nature photography involves capturing images of beautiful landscapes, sceneries, flora and fauna, wildlife, rivers, falls, gardens, flowers, climatic changes, quakes, as well as the creative and guiding forces of the universe at the macro level.

At the micro level it could refer to capturing images of microorganisms – their color, shape, structure, pattern, design, texture etc. A camera recreates visit to nature’s sanctuary by sitting in one’s drawing room depicting in detail a focused dimension.

Emotions between a mother and its cub, wild animals in action, birthing, eating, feeding, surviving, hunting for prey, sleeping, orangutan swinging from one tree to the other etc can be captured well from the lens by a click requiring patience, persistence and enormous amount of will power for the right shot.

Clicking scenic flying of migratory birds be it egrets, herons, ducks, geese from an aerial view requires synchronizing the shutter speed of the camera with that of the plane.

Capturing sunrise and the morning rays falling on green lawns with tiny dew drops on top, reflection of the rays on the tiny droplets is an amazing scene to portray and capture.

Focusing on the tiny drops with blurring the background creating bokeh effect is an amazing sight to see! Black and white effect on nature photography creates an amazing effect on the clouds, sky and the bushes. Underwater photography featuring mating of fishes, their dominance, feeding are wonderful to see with amazing blue background.

Capturing aerial view of zig zag roads and serpentine roads with tricky hair pin bends, prominently seen amidst tall trees, replicates a snake lying with white median lines on its body. What an amazing capture!


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