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25 Absolutely Creative Family Photography Ideas

1) Bonding is part of a family.

The best photos are taken when your subject is relaxed and comfortable. Spend some time engaging them in meaningful conversation, some games or a family outing helps.

2) A family in action.

Movement is part of life, it’s during a time of action that things happen. Take a number of pictures you never know when you will get that beautiful memory.


3) Candid is a good change from a posed picture

Let our guard down. You can get some of the best pictures when people are relaxed.

4) Those non occasions. Moments in time.

We move around the house and do our normal daily interactions. These are moments we would love to remember.


5) Let the light tell the mood.

Use light to tell the mood. Bright light can indicate joy, happiness, dark light can give the surrounding a moody look.

6) Capture personalities.

Each member of your family has a personality. For example your child may have an infectious laugh. These are things that go to make a photograph memorable.

7) Contrast in ages.

Capture an older member of your family with a younger member, try to bring out the contrast in them. For example their smiles.

8) Keep your family close.

Pictures of your family together are great. Get them in close.

9) Have a lot of fun this makes you glow.

Cracking a joke or sharing a funny incident will help people let down their guard and give you a smile you may not normally see.

10) There are moments of togetherness.

There are those tender moments between members of your family. A mother caring for her son who fell down. The son looking after he baby brother.

11) Creative poses.

Use google to find the latest poses. look around you will see something that would make your family look good.

12) Positioning your family.

Place your family creatively for a photograph. You do not need to get them standing up every time. You can get them lying down in a circle.

13) Bring out the relationships.

The best way to do this is the keep the kids together, the parents together and maybe even the grandparents together.

14) Dress for the picture.

Everyone dressed in red? or everyone in formals? Put those masks on and have fun.

15) Framing the picture.

Use the entire frame. Don’t waste it on things you would not want to remember. Look around your frame see what is needed and what is not. Remove all that is not needed from the frame.

16) Form shapes.

When positioning people form shapes, like triangles, squares or even circles.

17) Angling the shot

Do not only take pictures from the front. Climb up on a stool or even take the shot while lying down.

18) Changing the lens.

Each lens tells a story. Use a wide angle to get depth to your pictures. Or a zoom lens to create the beautiful blur.

19) The look and feel

Use black and white. You can even give your pictures an old faded look. Sometimes that subdued color also brings out a person’s personality.

20) Use to door

Use things around you to frame a photo. One of the best is use the door as a frame.

21) Timing your pictures.

Though you can shoot a picture at any time, the early hours of the morning or the late evening are the best times to shoot.

22) Use the parents.

Taking pictures of the kids and keeping the parents in the frame can give you some genuine reactions.

23) Don’t be inflexible.

The best pictures are often got when you move with the flow. Sometimes this means revising your planned image. Let the moment help you decide what to do next.

24) Change

Taking a large number of pictures of your family is fun, but make sure you change the look. Different clothes in different pictures will break the monotony.

25) Get down to their level

When shooting kids it’s always important to see things from their level. Get down low and take the pictures


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