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9 Tips for Better Cityscape Photography – InspireWhoop

Hello everyone and welcome, today I am going to share with you some tips and pictures of Night Cityscapes.

First let me start with some technical information on photographing Night Cityscapes

1) Shoot with a tripod.

Though not absolutely necessary, I would say its best to use one as you can concentrate on the picture and not on how steady you can hold your camera.

2) Use a wide angle lens

A wide angle gets you more in the frame but what is more important is that its reciprocal distance is quite short giving you a good depth of field.

3) A lens hood

Very useful to keep out the lights from directly shining into the lens

4) Shoot when possible in aperture priority mode.

If you are looking to shoot in one of the automatic modes, this will give you some control over the depth of field and also the ISO. Play with the ISO but keep it as low as possible.

5) Shoot HDR when shooting scenes of strong contrast

Bracket your shots and shoot when it comes to areas where you get dark areas along with bright lights, this allows you to capture a wider range of light.

6) Focusing

When possible it’s always better to manually focus and take the picture, this ensures you get a proper depth of field, you also know what is the point you have or want to focus on.

7) The early bird

Go to the location well in time. This will give you enough time to setup your equipment and take some experimental shots.

8) RAW images.

Shoot in RAW, this is important as it gives you a lot of flexibility and the ability for you to change settings later.

9) Finally use your imagination.

Experiment with your settings, Reframe the shot. Try them at different times.


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