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Best Indian Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding is a memorable event in one’s life and the recent trend is to splurge on extravaganza and make it the most happening event in one’s life.

Wedding photography is an essential part of a wedding capturing the love, romance and bonding between the couple and the wedding events.

Clicking the emotions, rituals, fun and frolic, friends, family, vigor and mood of the wedding is an ardent task which can be done only by professionals.

Telling the wedding story in a sequence of lively events and making it as candid, colorful, memorable and with vibrant pictures is an art.

Creating unique and niche photos with ideas which stand out and reliving the memorable event whenever one sees the wedding album, is something which can be created by a professional wedding photographer.

There are various wedding photography styles like capturing the wedding rituals in a traditional way right from the start of the event and telling it in a story format.

Capturing the exchange of rings or garlands, tying the knot, applying sindur, mangalsutra, saath phere around the sacred fire in a traditional way. Or the usual way of sitting and standing pose with friends and family on the stage with the bride and the groom; or taking pictures in a more casual candid way which is more natural, spontaneous and helps in capturing the mood of the wedding in a classy way; or capturing certain pictures in a photojournalistic way and making it look as real and casual as possible.

It requires good presence of mind to capture the right shot at the right moment. Or taking pictures in a more creative and artistic way with an element of fun involved like wearing ‘just married’ badges, goggles with bride and groom inscriptions, romantic hugs, lifting the bride in the arms to name a few.

It is more on a lighter note and both the bride and the groom enjoy it thoroughly. Clicking the wedding costume, accessories, rings are also few creative ideas that are trending these days. Whatever be the idea, it’s the photographers’ skill and elegance to make the event as creative, interesting and memorable as possible!



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