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Brilliant Examples of Nature Photography Ideas

Nature Photography Ideas

In Nature Photography the focus is usually on something small, the interesting details, the textures; it is colors that make nature photos interesting. You have to look at your surroundings a lot differently than when you take a landscape photograph. I give you some Ideas of interest to help you take some great Nature Photographs.

Look for textures.

Look for interesting and repetitive textures like a bed of leaves. A green lawn is a good example. Experiment with the frame and composition till you get what you feel is good. Try the same photograph at a different time of day.

Identify interesting patterns.

Nature gives us limitless patterns; these would make beautiful Nature photographs. Keep your eyes open when you are moving around look for these patterns you never know when they will pop up. Experiment again with composition till you get it just right.

Look for light.

Light is what photographs are made of. Look for light. Try to photograph light. Early morning and late evening are the best times to do this. The light highlighting the leaves of a fern or the light falling through the branches of trees will make beautiful pictures. This will also help you visualize the pictures you take before you take them

Isolate objects.

Try to look beyond the obvious. Go in close. When taking pictures of flowers in a garden, try and focus on one beautiful flower. Try and pick out the best flower that you want to photograph. The detail you get in an isolated object is lacking when you take a picture of a large number of the same objects.

Note: No special gear is required. A tripod and your kit lens should work well. Of course you need to spend some time outside looking for the pictures you want.


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