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Mind Blowing Bird Photography Examples for Your Inspiration

Bird Photography Examples for Your Inspiration

Bird watching is a splendid pass time for many! Bird photography is a part of wildlife photography, which is tough, interesting and requires the needed skill and expertise to capture the birds at the perfect moment.

A good camera with a good lens is good for a great start to capture birds. A little bit of research on birds knowing their habitat, feeding habits, behavior, migration patterns helps in understanding them better and getting closer to them for an awesome capture.

Learning their surroundings, observing their seasonal habits like feeding, drinking, singing, flying patterns, making sounds to call their mates etc helps in approaching them and predicting their moves.

Capturing the shot from hideouts made of leaves, grass, bushes, branches and twigs, helps in camouflaging oneself with the surroundings and not disturbing the birds or their habitats.

Being silent, patient, motionless, being friendly, harmless, not disturbing their habitat or nests and by learning to hide oneself one can capture a fabulous shot of birds from a few range.

Capturing images in the daytime preferable in the morning and evening brings out the best as it is the feeding time. Birds catching its prey, in flight, interacting with other birds, fighting, gliding, singing, eating, sitting on branches, sleeping, chick hatching from the egg, feeding the young one etc are some interesting moments to capture in the birds life.

Apart from these, the expression on the face, feathers, color and patterns on the feathers, unique features of the beak, sparkling eyes, wings, color patterns on the wings, sharp claws, hood, sharing a friendly bond with co animals are some of the best moments one can capture.

Capturing birds in the flight mode requires high shutter speed to match the flapping speed of the wings of the bird. Bokeh effect brings out the best in bird photography. Happy bird watching and clicking nature’s best creation!


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