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Mind Blowing Black and White Photography Examples

Black and White Photography

Black is beautiful and so are the shades of black. Black and white photography, which was very popular in the olden days, has thrived and come a long way.

black and white photography

Working with black and white photography is tough and involves capturing the right emotions, the subject, the mood, the contrast, the texture by varying the light, sharpness, tone and bringing out a beautiful image.

Black and white photography is a creative representation of the colorful world in black and white color in a more stylish way.

Light is an important aspect in black and white photography

Certain pictures look beautiful and bring out the best in them only in black and white. Color photography involves the subject, background, different colors and the focus can be diverted where as in black and white, its a single color medium and so focus can be more on the technical aspects of the capture.

Light is an important aspect in black and white photography. One can focus on the volume, direction of light, silhouette, bokeh effect and the quality of light falling on the subject of interest.

Black and white photography establishes an emotional connection between the viewer and the subject and makes the picture date back to history. Time gets frozen in black and white pictures.

Still life pictures can be highlighted very well by focusing on the shape, form, patterns and textures. Pictures can be shot in broad day light, during sunrise or sunset. Midday light is suitable for landscape and monumental shots and subtle light is suited for portraits.

Landscapes can be photographed very well in black and white highlighting the shape, form, contour and the quality of light falling on the objects within the frame. Black and white photography can be used to highlight aged people’s skin wrinkles, tone and ornaments very well. They form perfect subjects for photography. Black and white photography is indeed a challenge which has to be taken head on!


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