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Stunning Rain photography examples for your inspiration

Rain photography is a big challenge involving capturing the best shot, at the best angle, at the best locale and in an oppressive wet weather! Rain changes the mood of a place. Focusing on elements, and capturing their expression leads to a brilliant shot.

Rain Photography Ideas

Bright colored flowers with water drops on them make them look fresh after the rains. Silhouette and bokeh effect in rain photography bring out the elegance and beauty of a capture very well.

Capturing people’s expression in the rain through the lenses eye requires patience, alertness and a sturdy hand.

Rain photography can capture the perfect mood of the picture, the blurs, reflections of the background on the water, rainbow after the rains, contrasting clouds in the sky, the lightning, the skiddy road surface, the night hues, water droplets on the glass windows, dew drops on the leaves, flower petals dripping with rain drops, ripples on puddles, the mist surrounding the lamp post lights etc.

Rain Phtography Ideas

It is all left to the photographer’s imagination to capture the best shot in an artistic and most expressive way and let the world know that “a picture is worth a thousand words”!

A camera with a higher shutter speed helps to capture the water drops in the rain water in a single shot. The photos can be made darker or brighter by adjusting the shutter speed.

A water proof casing protects the camera from getting wet in the rain. By varying the aperture as well as the focal length, the object in focus with a blurred background can be well clicked in rain photography giving it a natural effect.

Capturing the rain drops in a darker background adds to the mood of the picture by giving it an extra zing! Using an umbrella and other water proof items like raincoats, boots protects one from getting wet and drenched and one can enjoy capturing ‘the moment’ in the rain.


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